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The Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) is a non-profit organization that works to connect independent producers and underrepresented communities to emerging media technologies. It was founded in 1976 in San Francisco, and has been active in providing diverse community access to media creation and innovation to underrepresented groups and other local non-profit organizations.[1]

Founded by a coalition of activist and media makers, BAVC has provided media technology tools and resources to the Bay Area community for the past forty years.


2727 Mariposa Street #200

Contact Information
(415) 861-3282


founded by a coalition of artist and activist

Dates of Operation


Type of Space

education center

Community Served

public media producers, independent artists, at-risk youth and other non-profit organizations.

Additional Information and Resources

Bay Area Video Coalition

BAVC on Wikipedia

BAVC on YouTube

About This Article

As part of Take This Hammer: Art + Media from the Bay Area, curated by Christian L. Frock for Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (March 11 – August 14, 2016) the Bay Area Society for Art & Activism developed a timeline for the Bay Area’s history of art and media activism. On display in the YBCA gallery, the timeline is represented as a collection of one hundred and twenty stories arranged like a row of books on a library shelf. Starting with “SHELLMOUNDS,” the earliest evidence of human settlement in Bay Area, each title represents a creative work, event, organization, movement, history or biography that has played a role in shaping the particular qualities of Bay Area art and media activism.

In trying to survey our past, these are just a few of the countless stories we have to draw upon. We cannot tell them all since not all books will fit on one shelf. However, we hope that viewers will enjoy browsing this collection and be reminded of the deep roots of creativity, diversity, love and political liberation that have made the Bay Area so special. We have made our selections in the spirit of James Baldwin and Take This Hammer in order to highlight stories of uncompromising clarity and courageous artistic vision.

Timeline Bookshelf.png

About this Article

This article was originally created as part of SOMArts Cultural Center's Making a Scene: 50 Years of Alternative Bay Area Spaces. To learn how to add or edit content please visit the Bay Area Society for Art & Activism's online History Collection Lab.


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