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Black Magic Arts collective uses art, performance, and ritual as a tool for social and political transformation in the #BlackLivesMatter movement. A collective of Black-identified artists, healers, performers, visionaries, radical educators, and political organizers, Black Magic creates spaces for Afro-Futurist dreaming where Black communities can thrive, be abundant, and grounded in dignity. Using healing and sacred practices, these radical visionaries invite inter-generational wisdom sharing to be central to the work of the movement. Unafraid of controversy, Black Magic dares creatively to hold the conversations that are necessary for embodying the evolution of Black Consciousness. These artists challenge stereotypes, using the compelling nature of art to subvert mainstream representations of Blackness and reclaim personal and collective stories, because they know that art has the power to reach places in the heart and spirit that would otherwise be denied entrance. Ultimately, Black Magic believes in Black LIFE, and so they speak to possibility, they sing of Black Power, they dance Black resiliency, because together we are the revolution.

Exhibited Work

Dark Matter(s)
Black light installation and participatory performance
Dimensions vary

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