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As we are in the very early stages of developing this archive, we invite participants to contribute artist/activist:

  • individuals (artists, curators, writers)
  • groups
  • events
  • social justice organizations

to the lists below.

Once additions are made to this list, they are able to be expanded as articles (pages).

Contribution Guidelines

We are collectively developing standards for "notability" and want to encourage this community to contribute by heart, from memory and to support their contributions with external citations when possible. If an external citation is not available, we will treat contributions as "oral history."

As a guideline, we ask that contributors consider the educational potential of their contribution. We consider this archive a community resource for future generations of Bay Area artists and activists. What aspect of the topic will be of relevance to them? How can educators share this topic in a teaching setting? When developing or expanding an article (page), contributors should describe the significance of the article's topic with particular attention to its educational significance as well as link to existing Wikipedia pages when they exist. We do not wish to duplicate existing documentation. However, for local subjects and regionally relevant topics insufficiently "notable" for Wikipedia, Collective Memory is proud to host them here and to perhaps someday graduate the articles to Wikipedia.

Users can also look here for a complete list of already existing pages: Special:AllPages

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