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Modeled on Wikipedia, the Collective Memory: Art & Activism Archive is an online regional archive for socially-engaged art practices and creative political activism. This community archive documents the prolific and longstanding tradition of art and activism in the Bay Area to provide context and inspiration for future generations of artists and activists. The Bay Area Society for Art & Activism invites everyone to recall and contribute historical work as well as to record current work on this collaboratively edited site. Drawing on the rich resources of Collective Memory, the archive also provides content for arts-integrated social justice curricula for Bay Area teaching artists, educators, and their students.

Submission Criteria

The Collective Memory: Art & Activism Archive is still developing its own community standards for “notability.” For now, we want to encourage our community to contribute by heart, from memory and to support their contributions with external citations when possible. If an external citation is not available, we will follow up with contributions to treat them as “oral history.”

As a guideline, we ask that contributors consider the educational potential of their contribution. This archive is a community resource for future generations of Bay Area artists and activists. What aspect of the topic will be of relevance to them? How can educators frame and share this topic in a teaching setting?

For local subjects and regionally relevant topics insufficiently “notable” for Wikipedia, Collective Memory is proud to host them here and to perhaps someday graduate the articles and information to Wikipedia.