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Our mission is to promote and preserve the independent and creative artists and designers while still providing uniquely curated products to our customers. Since opening our doors in 2006 as a clothing store and art gallery, our motto has been, “Prosperity Together”. Every designer, artists, and brand we collaborate with is a part of a cultural shift. Art, music, fashion are all mediums for cultural expression, and the people behind them are creating the shift. We aim to revolutionize the independent boutique experience with amazing people and their products. [1]


520 Haight St.

Contact Information

(415) 252-8601



Dates of Operation

2006- present

Type of Space

Clothing Store/ Art Gallery

Community Served

Independent Artists and Designers

Additional Information and Resources

Formerly D-Structure

Oral History

For Making a Scene: 50 Years of Alternative Bay Area Spaces we interviewed Devon Chulick, Co-Owner/Company Director of DSF Clothing Co. & Print Shop (formerly D-Structure) located in the Lower Haight neighborhood of San Francisco. As a store and gallery known for highlighting local artists and designers, it was great to hear about how D-Structure (DSF) stays such an important part of the community.

[Alexandra Fulks] What led to the creation of D-Structure?

[Devon Chulick] D-Structure (DSF) came out of a love of collaborating with artists and designers. I had always loved working with creatives and designers before D-Structure.

[AF] D-Structure is such an active cultural space, how do you maintain your curatorial vision and stay engaged with the community of the Lower Haight?

[DC] We’re inspired by the city and its many characters, so we try to maintain a welcoming space that appeals to our friends and neighbors. We do that by always seeking out new brands, artists and designers to work with, which helps us tap into the neighborhood and stay engaged with the community.

[AF] How do you see it fitting in with the other alternative cultural spaces in the Bay Area?

[DC] I think we fit in by working together. We’re looking to collaborate and maintain an awesome art and design scene. You do that by supporting other spaces and businesses when you can.

[AF] What do you think is the value of independent artist-driven commercial spaces to the local community?

[DC] Diversity and innovation are the key values of artists-driven commercial spaces. We usually don’t have strict “brand” guidelines to adhere to, which sometimes limit your ability and creativeness. “We aim to create community and keep SF’s unique and artistic culture thriving, especially during these uncertain times.”

The exhibition: Making a Scene: 50 Years of Alternative Spaces is on view from July 9th – August 20th, 2015.

About the Author: Alexandra Fulks is a senior at California College of the Arts and a Communications Intern at SOMArts Cultural Center.[2]

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