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Tom Loughlin, Disrupt Market, neon sign, 2015 and Elizabeth Travelslight, Security Blanket: variations (IR shielding and EMF shielding), 2015 at Incline Gallery, San Francisco, May 16-June 19, 2015.
Incline Gallery (2010) was founded by Brian Perrin, Christo Oropeza, Max Allbee of the San Pancho Art Collective. As Alumni of San Francisco State University, they felt it necessary to build something from the ground up that included from art programs that nurtured students through the public school system. The gallery is located on the inclined ramp of a former mortuary.

Incline Gallery is an alternative art space that fosters relationships between community and artists. The gallery works to create opportunities for emerging as well as established artists to exhibit in a non-cube format that challenges and encourages experimentation in exhibition design. The Gallery also facilitates the work of outside curators, international exchanges and partnerships within a community based organization.


766 Valencia Street. San Francisco, California


Founders and Folks Involved

Christo Oropeza; Brian Perrin, Maxwell Allbee, SFSU Interns

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