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Lucia Leal emigrated from Mexico to the United States in 2002 at the age of 17. With very little understanding of the English language, she decided to go to school to learn English as a Second Language and accomplish what she’s always wanted to do… art. In college, Lucia worked on black and white photography as well as drawing and composition. She attended San Francisco State University to major in Film Production where she found the inspiration to direct films like her motivators Maya Deren and Shirin Neshat. Lucia’s intersectional experience as an immigrant Latina woman has empowered her to create beautiful and conscious films. She is currently an in house artist at Artillery AG where she collaborates with other Latino artists in the Mission District.

Artist Statement

Through Your Eyes at Night reveals the experiences of a young man who immigrated to the United States in pursuit of the so-called “American Dream”. I take you through his journey in the unique streets of San Francisco where people and culture meet. The film shows you the beautiful lights and alleyways of the city while revealing the struggle of finding the warmth of a safe place for homeless to spend their nights. The mission of this piece is to capture the audience through beautiful images of the city’s night life while sharing the narrative of a homeless young immigrant—a narrative left out when talking about the homeless community in the U.S.

Do we know why people become homeless? Too often society complains about the annoyance of seeing the homeless community yet don’t engage in finding solutions. The beauty of San Francisco is not just about the city’s structure or its tourist spots. The real beauty of the city is in the compassion we show to help make our community better.

Exhibited Work

Through Your Eyes at Night

Movie File shot with DSLR camera
15 min

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