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Started by Not Your Grammy's Theater, the Quesada Garden Initiative Mural Space (2010-2012), was a free performance space with a built in audience of neighbors, who shared the electricity from their homes and the food from their tables. The location was a consequence of its proximity to community based actors living spaces. The Quesada Garden Initiative Mural Space brought different groups together, creating community, and affordable performance space.

Wirters from the Bayview YMCA (poet Antoine Moore, and Bayview resident Amy Crumpacker (theater artist) were primarily team leaders. Bernard Vash, voice and breathe theatre maestro was the workshop facilitator. Actors were recruited from the general population of the Bayview Hunters Point area, and some of the actors came from Infinity Productions, an African American faith-based theater troupe as well. We hired AEA union actors for some of the readings, including the partnership with MoAD. Unique to the space was the different levels of experience interacting and working together.

The goal of the space was to tell enough stories of experience from all different cultures to enable people to be in each anothers shoes, if only for a minute.

The space emerged when new homeowners formed the Bayview Footprints to beautified the neighborhood from blight. A mural was painted at the end of the street, forming a performance space. Many groups performed there, including Zaccho dance theater.


Newhall and Quesada Avenues, San Francisco, CA 94124

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