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Rhythm & Motion was founded in 1979 by dancer and teacher Consuelo Faust, and is proud to be a woman-owned business that has become a San Francisco tradition.

Rhythm & Motion offers fun dance-based workout classes for the general public. All R&M teachers are experienced dancers who draw from a common body of choreographed “routines” inspired by a popular and international mix of music, including Latin, Hip-Hop, African, Indie, Pop and R&B.

These aren’t your typical “dance” classes! An alternative to the “perfect body” standard that permeates our society, our dance workout program cultivates a welcoming, accepting atmosphere that promotes health and well-being for all people regardless of ability or background. R&M emphasizes the joyful spirit and open expressiveness of dance and invites it into daily life for individuals, friends, families, and the larger community.

By the 1990’s, R&M had evolved into a comprehensive center for global dance and dance workout. In 2005 we launched a partnership with ODC School and moved our home base to ODC Dance Commons, in the heart of the Mission District.

We offer a full schedule of drop-in classes 365 days out of the year. Our classes take place in our beautiful state-of-the-art home studio at ODC Dance Commons, in satellite locations, and locally in community centers, hospitals, and neighborhood gyms. [1]


351 Shotwell St.

Contact Information

(415) 863-9830


Consuelo Faust

Dates of Operation


Type of Space

workout program

Community Served


Additional Information and Resources

In 2005 the program partnered with ODC School and moved its home base to ODC Dance Commons but also take place in other venues and community centers. More of a resource than a space. (women owned!)

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