The (International) Home Theater Festival

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Founded by Philip Huang

The (International) Home Theater Festival Manifesto

The Beautiful and Awesome HTF Manifesto We believe that the acceptable way of making and presenting work—by doing a residency or getting a grant or some other shit—is lame. We believe that theaters spaces are just too damned expensive to rent. We believe that arts organizations and institutions have sold us a crock of shit: that artists need them to achieve legitimacy, reach audiences, make money, blah blah blah. We believe that too many artists have bought this crock of shit and we’re still starving, still struggling. We believe that arts institutions have created a welfare state that keeps artists in a state of dependency for resources and opportunities. We believe we can and must do everything for ourselves—and give ourselves everything—that institutions promise. We believe that work presented in homes is awesome and legit. We believe we can legitimize ourselves. We believe that we can and must have direct relationships with our audiences, our work, and our means, without conduits, just like we can have direct relationships with God without the fucking Church. We believe that we can work successfully with institutions only when we realize we don’t need them. We believe the best cure for depression, stagnation, and suicidal ideation is sure as fuck NOT waiting for some theater or bullshit foundation to deem you legit enough to work with. We believe that no one is coming to save us. We have to save ourselves. We believe action is peace. We believe the only failure is a failure of imagination. Oh the places we'll go!

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