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Made to practice generosity in curatorial practice within the intersections of family and life, The Garage Biennale (2003-2009) involved tons of folks but mostly SFAI artists around the time of 2003. It was a totally unique space in a garage behind a mansion in Pacific Heights. Participation was very generous and heartfelt and it had no doors, so all exhibitions were one night only. The biennale was six months of one-night-only shows, once a month. This went on for five years. At other times, there was a monthly show, but only as The Garage, not the Garage Biennale.

The Garage Bienniale built a community that is still working together and super tight. It launched the careers of many participants and new forms of art, such as the 100 Performances for the Hole project and Night Light, which then continued on to SOMArts Cultural Center


830 Pacific Ave, San Francisco

Founders & Participants

Justin Hoover, Michael Zheng, Bryan and Vita Hewitt, JD Beltran, and many more

Dates of Operation



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