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Wild SF Tours provides walking tours led by local guide-artists. Each route is an alternative tour through San Francisco’s history, as seen through a local’s eyes and in cooperation with independent shops, restaurants and institutions. The tours relive communities' stories in San Francisco, from personal legends to each neighborhood's general impact on the world. Districts are chosen for their popularity and too often unheard stories.

Wild SF is a response to new residents' dis-attachment to their city's past. From new locals to our old cats, from high schools to tech companies, we aim to revive SF's taste for eccentrics, radicals and humanitarians.

Jordon Jo (AKA J. Jo) & Tyler Cornfield (AKA Wes)are two best friends, musicians, educators, historians, who began the tours in June 2012 while studying at SFSU. They graduated, quit their jobs and committed themselves to making a financially stable job for artists to be empowered to connect to the masses and share their passion and their unique approaches on SF history. Wild SF Tours now also includes, Gabby Battista, Andrew Wong, Kyle McReddie, Courtney Loechle.

Since 2012, more than 30,000 people have joined us on tours. The connections, collaborations and learning are immeasurable. So far 5 working artists (musicians, performing artists, dancers, visual artists etc) have fulfilling, high-paying, minimal-hour jobs that sustains them in San Francisco.


San Francisco - The Castro, The Mission, The Haight, Chinatown, North Beach



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